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Kimble F. Ainslie, Selecting Rationality: public opinion, polling, civic engagement and campaigning, Toronto: Optimum Publishing, 2019.

____, The Global Geopolitics of Energy, 2014-2018: Fifty Commentaries Over Five Continents, Newcastle upon Tyne UK: Cambridge Publishing, 2019.

____, Financing the Gap: Small Capital and State Economic Development in Canada, 1943-2005, Copenhagen & Toronto: The Copenhagen Institute, 2007.

____, Conservative Corrections: democratic conservatism from the roots up, London: Springbank Publications, 1993.

____ and Rein Peterson, ed. Understanding Entrepreneurship, Dubuque IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 1988.

The Nordex Archive at The University of Western Ontario

In 2005, all but the most confidential public sector polls – with the permission of clients – for the period 1985 to 2000 were placed on deposit at the Western Archives, Weldon Library, The University of Western Ontario, London ON. These polls are available for public viewing under the rules set out by Weldon Library.

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