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Nordex has served hundreds of clients and even more engagements on behalf of large and small corporations, multi-level government agencies, leading think tanks, and political campaigns across North America.

Our clients in the private sector are Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, manufacturing firms, banking & finance corporations, financial planning professionals, law firms, accounting firms, planning & engineering firms, construction companies, hospitality corporations, private utilities, industry associations, local & national retailers, auto dealerships, and commercial & news media corporations.

In addition, we serve energy companies, think tanks, government agencies and energy associations on geopolitical issues, offering analytical services and political consulting.

In the public sector, Nordex specializes in research, public policy analysis and program development for local governments in Canada and the United States. We offer surveys, analysis and consulting on all municipal functions for cities, counties, and regions. In Canada, our local government client engagements have included projects on annexations, economic development, urban transportation, solid waste & environmental issues, civic engagement, parks & recreation, public utilities, energy conservation, as well as research & consulting for boards of education, public health units, convention centres, colleges and universities, tourism boards, and local theatre companies. In the U.S., our clients include city and county governments, sheriff’s departments, and EDOs.

From 2007 to 2008, Nordex acted as an intervenor at the Ontario Energy Board.

In the political realm, for more than 30 years, we have acted as political consultants to dozens of campaigns; offering polling and management services to Cabinet Ministers and Cabinet Secretaries, state Governors, MPs, MPPs, state legislators, mayors, city and county councillors.

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