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Nordex ResearchTM has evolved since 1985 from a firm that offers public opinion polling & market research to a multi-service firm offering a broad range of services such as public policy analysis, market development, program design, and economic development.

Since November 2014, we have transitioned into international public policy analyses and the comparative analyses of politics, highlighted by our regular commentaries on the geopolitical analyses of energy called Energy@Nordex.

This subscription series was prompted by publication of two papers by Dr. Ainslie in Canadian Energy Research Institute’s journal Geopolitics of Energy – see the Publications page -- his many years serving local electricity distributors in Ontario, intervenor status at the Ontario Energy Board, 2007-08, his work carried out on electricity reform for the James Madison Institute, Tallahassee FL, in 2000-01, and interviews published in the Financial Post.

Our market research services have been used to guide management and executive decisions on strategy, marketing, customer & client satisfaction, product & service launches for a long time. Nordex has been especially high profile on business-to-business research and professional services research, including work for Fortune 500 companies. Our research has been innovative, for example, on radio product measurement, high-tech manufacturing, physician and medical specializations, and financial planning.

We have also published reports and articles on private medical transportation, privatization of urban transit, energy security, electricity policy, farm stray voltage, U.S. education policy & workforce policy, U.S. welfare reform, municipal infrastructure, and access to information legislation.

Nordex is well-known for its work in public opinion polling. Whether producing front-page coverage for media clients, offering municipalities top-notch community services research, or polling for political campaigns, Nordex has an enviable record determining and tracking public opinion. We have carried out hundreds of polls in Canada and the United States.

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